Rolando Dani Duque — Here we go AGAIN

Rolando Dani Duque — Here we go AGAIN

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This retard just cant stay of this site, nothing’s changed he still the same disgusting drd deadbeat pig but now he’s added violence to his reputation. For someone who trolls around Calgary looking for whores everywhere he goes , has his way with them and then tossing them aside and when they turn on him he becomes violent. We can only hope that this loser’s employers and family see exactly what kind of person he is. Great work Rolando aka Dani aka Dan aka Roland. Keep it up, we love reading about you on here. there is no better place for you to be :)

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  1. For all the ladiesJanuary 2, 2019 at 8:38 AM

    The things former women are saying about him are 100% true as I am one of them! This man is the most dangerous most manipulative and honestly the worst human on this planet it’s better if he just disappears out of life he’s a useless man to his children. What used to be a great dad is a deadbeat. What man leaves his ex wife to figure out how to raise 4 kids while he is sleeping around with EVERYONE. Every weekend you can find him out spending the money on slores just to get in bed with them INSTEAD of spending that money on his children. That’s a poor excuse for a father. What kind of MAN takes money from other women, tells them he loves them, keeps them around to manipulate them, and then RIPS their hearts out when hes done? THIS MAN! ROLANDO DANI DUQUE. Drop dead loser. No one will miss you

  2. SpidermanDecember 23, 2018 at 9:14 PM

    This man is a terrible liar and manipulator. So girls, I am asking you to be careful. Everything he tells you at the beginning of your knowledge will seem true … but it is not. All bad opinions about his former girlfriends is not true he wants to show himself in a good light. If you read this and think that it is writing something malignant ex girlfriend is not like that. We are ex and we already know what he is and how he can destroy life …. just as he is sweet he’s so dangerous. I have already convinced myself and now I have a lesson. I now know why his wife and childrens are so far away from him. So you keep your eyes open to what he will show you and tell you. You be vigilant.

  3. TipsNovember 19, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    Lmao what a loser wow