Rolando Dani Duque — Here we go AGAIN

Rolando Dani Duque — Here we go AGAIN

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This retard just cant stay of this site, nothing’s changed he still the same disgusting drd deadbeat pig but now he’s added violence to his reputation. For someone who trolls around Calgary looking for whores everywhere he goes , has his way with them and then tossing them aside and when they turn on him he becomes violent. We can only hope that this loser’s employers and family see exactly what kind of person he is. Great work Rolando aka Dani aka Dan aka Roland. Keep it up, we love reading about you on here. there is no better place for you to be :)

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  1. TipsNovember 19, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    Lmao what a loser wow

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