Beware of Scott Johnston

Beware of Scott Johnston

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This price of sh1t right here left bruises on my godson and traumatized the hell out of him to the point he now needs multiple counsellors to help him he also grabbed him by the throat and shook him… he caused my sisters ptsd to flare so bad she had to take a week of school just so she can function properly. He recently got arrested on 4 warrants that were issued prior to the assault. He is going around saying it’s all my sisters fault when in reality he is crazy and needs meds which he went off of and didn’t tell anyone! He threatens to kill himself contantly and blames everyone else for his problems it’s never any of his fault or responsibility. Because of his actions child services is now involved and investigating him which in my mind he deserves to go to jail. He sleeps with multiple girls all the time and gives them all infections constantly and will accuse his gf of cheating when he is the one cheating  Watch out ladies he is not worth it! Nothing but a man wh*re with multiple assault charges!

— bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

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  1. Porcelain21June 4, 2018 at 9:56 PM

    This price of crap is hiding from the cops like the pussy he is….man up Scott u deserve what’s coming to you!

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