Serge Gunst 2017 aka ‘Douchebag Splurge’ from 2012

Serge Gunst 2017 aka ‘Douchebag Splurge’ from 2012

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I thought I’d let you know, a lot of brothers and sisters including myself still enjoy reading The Dirty Army’s old posting and people’s comments about Serge Gunst aka ‘Douchebag Splurge’ from October 2012 and letting everyone know that the sick twisted goof was jailed. But for those who don’t know, the numerously jailed punk-ass b*tch cried a ‘deal’ on his last time in and was released under several conditions and is out doing the same sh#t again… except sneakier!

Some bros say the thieving ugly buzzed punk and his latest scamming girlfriend now lives and operates out of some old sh#t-hole trailer up in Edmonton with his junkie dad, Patrick Ringham. See Facebook. The other link I received was to the of ‘Edmonton’s most wanted, July 2015’ that has a posting of Serge Gunst to warn everybody! Below is what they wrote! Serge Gunst, age: 23 Height: 6’2″ Weight: 190 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Tattoos: Neck (Front) – SKULL with ROSES, Left Shoulder – SAMARI with SNAKE (Full Colour), Forehead – STARS, CROWN, DIAMONDS, “NK”, Neck (Right Side) – HATE TO LOVE, Right Hand – HOPE LESS and BLACK OUT “BLOB” with heart outline, Left Hand – “ONE LOVE”, “115”, 3 STARS, 3 COLOURED DIAMONDS. Serge is wanted on a Canada wide warrant and is a Federal Prisoner serving 2 years and 1 month for Assault with a Weapon X 2, Possession of Stolen Property Under $5,000, Fraud Under $5,000.00 X 2, Robbery, Theft Under $5,000 and Fail to Comply with a Court Order X 3. He was released into the community with several conditions. His record includes Arson, Uttering Threats, Failing to Appear for Court, Property Related Offences, Violence, Weapons Offences, Unlawfully at Large and Robbery.

This makes me hate Canada even more.- nik

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  1. AnonymousJanuary 14, 2018 at 2:23 PM

    If you want to know where Serge Gunst is, I can tell you for sure he was in jail when I was there in the fall of 2017, and that was the first and hopefully the last time I see that fu*cking goof.

    Goof acted like a big tough drug dealer that was busted for some junk, but we found out he’s nothing but a cheap street punk liar and rat. Word went around goof tried to bargain by giving information about the Hells Angels in trade for dismissal or reduction but it didn’t fly.

    As the story goes, goof gave the crown his smart phone and a piece of paper that contained HA names, addresses, cell phone numbers and info about HA business that he learned while working at some tattoo shop in Edmonton and through some chick he met who is a daughter of a HA.
    At first, I didn’t believe this sh*t, because usually the bulls plant sh*t like this to fu*ck with us. But another celly who’s in the know with some Philippine chick who apparently hung with goof said it’s all true.

    After reading about Serge Gunst on the dirty, I now find it easy to believe that Serge Gunst is a RAT and I hope this message gets to the street to isolate this fu*cking goof and his so-called trailer gang!

  2. anonymousSeptember 24, 2017 at 10:35 AM

    LOL!!! They got that nickname the “trailer gang” from Airdrie and they didn’t even know it!!! HAHAHAHA! Some also called them the “trailer crew” HAHAHAHA!

  3. Not a fan!September 23, 2017 at 9:50 AM

    Yea, they’re known as the trailer gang, and they’re all junkies and small time drug dealers. They mostly sell fentanyl mixed with sh*t and target women. I met Serge’s dad Pat Ringham and what a total f*cking loser and goof! Like father like son and like son like father. Last I heard, is they ripped-off some drug dealer and are on the run.