Tyler Vickerson — Uses his Dr. Status to pass around DRDs

Tyler Vickerson — Uses his Dr. Status to pass around DRDs

THE DIRTY ARMY: My friend met this guy on Tinder, he had his settings for 18 year olds even though he was 30. She told me about him touching women sexually/flirting trying to get mote clients for his chiropractor work. Saw him try to hook up with an obviously underaged girl when at stampede. Literally saying it was just business and, because he looks like thor, he gets away with it. In the few dates they had, she saw him freeload snow, booze, bud and, just plain cash from his “friends” and tried to do it to her too. I say “friends” because, when trying to console her while he was fucking another girl at the party he brought her too. They started talking smack about how much of a garbage human being he is, how much he uses women and, leads them on/manipulates them for money and, easy sex. The worst part is, even though he’s a Dr. He keeps passing on drds from his garbabe d1ck which btw she said he was awful in bed. We were out talking sbout this prick and, saw him with the underaged girl a day later. I would not trust this guy.


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  1. PlantaholicMay 25, 2019 at 9:55 AM

    I didnt meet him online, but at a pub one night early last spring. We exchanged numbers. He had just (apparently) gone through a super awful breakup. He took me out a few times after and was sweet, not a creeper or anything. Although i am 99% certain he was high AF on pepsi on the first date. There was 0 in common so i ended it after a couple of lame dates.
    Can confirm, terrible in bed. Glad it was before he started sleeping around jayzuz.

  2. That blonde girlJuly 20, 2018 at 12:15 AM

    Followed by leb780? Lol sounds like a real winner