Warning About Matthew Lyon of Calgary

Warning About Matthew Lyon of Calgary

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Matthew Lyon. We dated for a few weeks. Later I found out I was pregnant (by him) and I obviously reached out to him. I wanted him to take me to the clinic, which legally you need someone to take you (what I wanted) or at least hear his input on what he would like to do about it. So let’s make it clear that in no way was I trapping him, I simply needed some support in handling it. He completely ghosted me and ignored all my attempts to communicate about the situation that both of us caused. He completely dissapeared and chose not to help me deal with it. I thought I chose well and that he was a great guy who would own up to his responsibilities and at least help fix them or be open to talking about what he wanted. He does not make a big deal about using birth control, because if you get pregnant he’s going to bail anyway. I’m posting this to warn other women. I’m devastated and feel very scared and alone. Other women should be very careful if they choose to date this man and understand ahead of time that if he gets you pregnant, he could ghost you and leave you to deal with the mess. I thought it could never happen to me in this day and age but, this could happen to anyone. This is 100% truth and I hope I can protect other women from the emotional and physical damage his actions (or lack of) has caused me.


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  1. BatmanDecember 16, 2017 at 8:31 PM

    Watch out for Rose Sallenback and friends.
    She is 55 yr old crack meth head and hangs with young guys yo steal and rob people.
    Bf pimps her out always to pay for habit and 14 yr old girl now too.