Whitney Shymco — Home wrecking [redacted} bus driver of the year

Whitney Shymco — Home wrecking [redacted} bus driver of the year

THE DIRTY ARMY: This disgusting excuse of a woman is a home wrenching sloot who prays on men and even after being told ‘IM WORKING IT OUT WITH MY WIFE’ and we can only be friends, she decides thats her opportunity to take full advantage and do what all home wreckers do best. This sloot belittles her husband and runs to any c0ck she can to try and get any fix necessary that is lacking in her open marriage… She clearly has done this before and has absolutely no remorse for a mans family at home or the fact that she pushes her nasty a55 on anything that may show her attention or tell her shes pretty! Kinda funny shes a city bus driver beacuse shes giving rides to all sorts of men…hahaha.. If your going to TRY & fuk around with married men make sure you know just how crazy his other half is beacuse when you pull the sh1t this bitch did, you cant expect to walk away with with no repercussions. For all you sorry a55holes that fell for this chicks head games- GO GET AN STI TEST!!! NOW!!! CLEARLY she has no problem taking any old d1ck…… The bitch is Advertising FREE PU55Y on Calgary groups…. WATCH YOUR HUSBAND LADIES!!!


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  1. CanaTwatJuly 13, 2019 at 11:16 PM

    Dirty B1tch to say the least

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