Canada and US wannabe player

Canada and US wannabe player

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Frankie Greene. He cheated on his wife with a girl in a Fort McMurray work camp the wife found out kicked him out so he then made plans to move in with the girl from camp well he was planning to move to Alberta to be with her he also was sending d1ck pics jacking of on video chat telling other girls he loved them wanted to be with them and using them when possible. He is from New Brunswick and had girls going in Alberta , British Columbia, Ontario, Montreal, New Brunswick and some in the states also. Not anymore most have all found out. Stay clear if you meet him. He will sweet talk his way in. He always says he single and when u start to question his cheating he will tel you your crazy they are just friends it’s all in your head. The more you question him the more aggressive and abusive he becomes

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  1. EruditeeApril 10, 2018 at 11:45 PM

    I know this person, and these are just blatant lies. The truth is he is going through a messy relationship break up and pissed off one person who decided to engage in a smear campaign against him. They have hacked his facebook account and posted false information about him on his own account there as well. Do not pay any attention to this crap. It’s all just out of jealousy and revenge.