April Harrison — Class Or Stright Out Trash?

April Harrison — Class Or Stright Out Trash?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik: This woman is in a class by herself, she is a pill popping slore that has more medication the Rexall. She uses men to get what she wants then she drops them likes it’s nothing. She will sleep with you, 2 weeks later claim she pregnant. Then claims I lost the baby. She has a husband that when no one else wants her she runs to. She has it out there that she is single guys but she is married. She may get that from him cause he is a pulling popping abusing piece of sh1t. She has been seen with 4 different guys in the last month and she has DRD. God knows what else. She tells everyone she has been tested but cant show any proof. Well until after she sleeps with them and then they have their proof. She usually trolls pof, tinder, snapchat to find her next victims. She has 3 kids and they have 5 different guys they call dad.

The way she goes I am not sure if she knows the dads of all of them. She is lazy and sits her a55 on welfare, claims her kids are everything to her but drops them for any man that shows interest. So they are nothing but money to her and that is clear as day. When she is not trolling for her next victim she can be found sitting at a bingo spending her kids baby bonus or her welfare cheque. So guys hide your wallets and cover it up if you encounter her, dont make the same mistake I did. To the ladies watch your men cause she doesnt care if their married or single…. she is only about 2 things. Money and getting laid. All pictures show outbreaks….Karma is a b;tch isn’t April!


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  1. SupermanAugust 1, 2018 at 2:24 PM

    This is all true and I found all this out first hand.i dont know who wrote this but they hit the nail right on the head. But you did leave out alot about her, she lies to cas, if you do anything she will call the cops on you and have you charged, she will destroy any guy she is with both mentally and physically. She bashes her friends all the time. So if you think she is your friend good luck with that. There is so much more about this woman. I honestly hope she get what she deserves for once. Oh and she a registered in the data base for having a std and you can look it on as a public record.

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