Brittany Legue — All About D1ck Sloppy Seconds Scum

Brittany Legue — All About D1ck Sloppy Seconds Scum

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Brittany Legue of Chatham!!! This no standards scuzz of a meth head has no issue sleeping with her own sisters men/childrens “dad” in her own sisters home time and time again. She was 12 screwing a 35 year old “man” right under her sisters roof for years!!! Not only should he of been charged, she enjoyed every minute of sneaking around while her older sister took care of her, feeding her, giving her a place to stay, money and being a good big sister. To show her appreciation Brittany allowed this affair to continue for many years, smiling in her sisters face and bad mouthing her behind her back to make him want to leave her older sister for her because she was obsessed!!!!! Got dope?? This b1tch will do whatever you want. Including her most recent scandalous behaviour at 24 years old and fuking her oldest sisters boyfriend right in her bathroom when she wasnt home. This slore thinks its funny. Jealous her whole life and has no respect. After years of crying and playing victim after her first sherade, the cum guzzler turns around and pulls her same down low dirty drug head behaviour. Ladies, hide your man. Brittanys comming for him!!! And be careful men, she was spotted coming out of our health clinic, proven fact b1tch caught an std and she was still fuking randoms, too doped up and lazy to check herself. Finally caught up with her and she tested positive. This goofy immature small minded niave homie hopper isnt worth your d1ck catching this skanks surprises!!!

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  1. peteOctober 17, 2018 at 3:15 PM

    does anyone know her fb??

  2. Get real with your selfOctober 16, 2018 at 9:00 PM

    Hmm. So you allowed this dude to screw your Lil sister knowing she was under age. How many stds did Matt bring home to you and you got from randoms. You got with Matt when he was with your cousin. You know he is a scum but you let him lay up where your kids lay. How many females you catch him with and let him back in your bed. Meth coke pills you have done and still do. Pot calling kettle black much.

  3. You no saint yourself.October 16, 2018 at 8:39 PM

    Funny how you were with him for years knowing how he go down. Wasn’t he with your cousin and you got with him. How many stds have you got from Matt and randoms. Leaving this scum as you call him with your own children. Hiding him when you know cops are looking for him. You are just a low.and if you knew your sister and boyfriend were sleeping together you also assisted in child molestation to happen.