Viren Martin — Womanizer/wanna be drug dealer/dirt bag

Viren Martin — Womanizer/wanna be drug dealer/dirt bag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please keep your trust reserved. If you ask any dealer at all or anybody period for that matter virendra will fuk you over and clean you out if he can. Don’t leave him alone in your house or car and keep him away from your phone and credit cards. He’s a very known theif and uses his phone to copy contacts pictures and account information to use later to blackmail you or fraud you. If you walk into his room at any given time about 90 percent of that was stolen from people who worked hard for their property. He’ll deny deny deny but seriously mention virendra name to anybody and they’ll have zero good to say about him. As they will have the same to say about me. But that’s a other matter and I have no excuses I’ve done some things I’m not proud of but I’m at least trying to rectify majority of them. But back to viren. Just please be careful. He. Is in debt thousands to every dealer in town. He’s a grade a actor and a snake. Just watch your back, wallet, woman, car, phone, home and name. Oh yeah he’ll take you places so your seen with him then fuk people and put it all on you. I’ve known him for 8 years and he’s never kept a friend longer then 3 month because he keeps them around till he can get what he needs out of them then fuked them over. Nothing I said is untrue there’s not a single soul in this world that would voucher for his name. I’m just extending a courteous heads up. You were always a good person and I’d hate to see you be taken advantage of.

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  1. Nu-u-were Askum-bagDecember 6, 2018 at 9:59 PM

    Oh there is one person who vouched for him and put her self on the line to be his SURIETY to get him out of jail. KRYSTAL NICHOLS

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