Stay Away From This Trash Heap — Justin Boutin

Stay Away From This Trash Heap — Justin Boutin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I even start with this winner. Druggy, thief, stalker, liar…. He is one of Chilliwack’s finest! Tie down your planters and anything else that’s not nailed down, or he will swipe it! Straight meth head, if you cant tell from his pics. Gets his poor old dog, with a bad leg, knocked up every year so he can profit off the puppies. Now I hear hes added kittens onto that. Cheats on his wife, and sends his tiny little d1ck pics out (And Im not even exaggerating, it looks like a womans thumb). He has no problem being drunk and high in front of his wifes kids, especially gross since he’s had his own taken away from him. He even forced his wife to alienate her kids from their actual father because he was too jealous to allow them to be around him. LOONG list of domestic violence charges and cant keep his drivers license to save his life. But he has no problem endangering everyone by driving without it. This prize has even taken to stealing from his employers!! His wife finally leaves him after shes been abused and beat down, only to to have him stalk her and threaten her and everyone that she hangs out with. He makes up stories to justify his actions, like his wife cheated, when she had no choice but to hide talking to her ex about their kids because he would lose it and knock her around. Such a stand up guy!! Who wouldn’t want to be with him!! Well apparently he has a new girlfriend now….. poor poor girl. though I think shes just as trashy as he is, because shes already moved into the house they shared and is using all of his wifes stuff. CLASSY!

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  1. HmmmmJune 24, 2018 at 4:05 PM

    Its true I use to date this guy 3 1/2 years ago he stole my credit card and kept using it he used me for money and hes a major liarer he makes up storeys . One day I went to introduce this guy to my family and he had hes new girlfriend in the house.. hes a great manipulator
    He likes to use people to gain for himself this guy is a loser hes poor wife he seems so great at first but dont let him sweet talk you this guy could talk you outta your only dollar .