Stephanie stephens — Disgusting mother

Stephanie stephens — Disgusting mother

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stephanie Stephens, this girl watched her daughter get fuked by her bf, starting age 5. She sold the videos all across the US. She pulls the “i didnt know” meanwhile it was happening for years with her there. She did nohjng to help or protect this girl. She knew he was a pedophile, she found the evidence and didnt care. This girl still has her in her care. If your daughters ripped up personal parts werent enough to protect her, what will be considered enough?

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  1. emilyFebruary 8, 2019 at 12:58 AM

    I worked with this disgusting person,she bragged about using anal as birth control.Changing her underwear weekly.Shes very confrontational,problems with authority and genuinely thinks shes the best and that her opinion is higher than all.She has openly mentioned that her partner at the time watches child pornography and bragged that he even watches live videos.Shes dumber than a box of rocks and frequents dating sites like pof.Her favorite story is of her getting tag teamed by two black men while being drunk and high.

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