Michael Mason of Port Coquitlam

Michael Mason of Port Coquitlam

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, classic Narcissistic Man-Child Michael Mason… Where to even begin… There is one thing for sure, he is a great actor, can fool just about any girl into thinking he actually gives a sh*t, but you will eventually find that he’s only decent to you when convenient for him, typically when he wants something… Notice my choice of words when saying “he’s only decent to you,” once he figures he has you wrapped around his finger, he is bare minimum decent and half-ass any sort of effort that should come naturally from someone who actually has the ability to care. Just take a look at how he treats his own dog! He can’t even take care of his poor dog who hasn’t much of a life sitting inside there all depressed watching him play Xbox every day/all day, as this man child is to lazy to even take the dog out for a walk….

Don’t be fooled by the “act” at the start. Seems perfect, but once he gets comfortable you can guarantee he takes everything out on the girl who he’s “with” at the time. All he see’s is a (metaphorical) punching bag… He has opening admitted his belief in hitting a woman if she “deserves it.” You can go out of your way and move mountains for him all you want but it won’t be appreciated; in fact, he has a habit of claiming out loud for all to hear that you do nothing for him ☺ so your better off leaving this POS in the dust. You won’t get even half of what you deserve from this joke. Might get lucky and stumble across his browser history and find his attempts to cheat through Craigslist after he knocks you up 👌😉

He will treat you like sh*t then try turn it around on you just for reacting to his emotional abuse…. forgets anything he says and acts like he never just had a psychotic moment of lashing out irrationally (and that’s putting it lightly). This sorry excuse for a man will never truly be sorry for the sh*t his causes, because in his head he has done nothing wrong…. get ready to file a harassment case against this unstable joke. Too bad his family didn’t warn me sooner, could have saved myself ALOT of time, money, energy, etc. I figure it is my civil duty to warn the rest of the girls he intends on destroying, before he gets to them ✌


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  1. BigbitchApril 6, 2018 at 11:19 AM

    Bahaha he must be learning from his boss on how to be a dead beat dad … wife beater ..