Betty Ann Abraham — Ugly Betty

Betty Ann Abraham — Ugly Betty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Only met this cvnt once but she came to my boys place broke drank up our sh1t and blacked out like a dumb slore. Tried to kick her a55 out and she said she’d call up her girls lol we still waiting do it up! Asked around about this beast she spreads her legs and diseases all over always broke and trys to hustle anyone for drugs and free sips. Keep her away from your crib for real she needs to go back to the bush or whatever hole she crawled out of. Used up sloot anyways always acting like she’s hot shit, nothing hot about a pass around lol but for real call up your back up bring em to west side you old worn out boor Haha ugly dumb squid bitch

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  1. N/aJuly 30, 2018 at 9:30 AM

    That’s one ugly looking Rez mutt