Blair Adams — Cheating , scam artist , thief , wanna be cop crime informant

Blair Adams — Cheating , scam artist , thief , wanna be cop crime informant

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man is a lowlife skowputch player who hangs around his brother Rob Adams and a Tony Mcnabb . There’s a few others in the group , they all cheat on their wives while pretending to be good solid men. Blair tried to be s cop but failed the tests . So he targets women who he thinks has ties to any kind of criminal activity to romance them to get money from being a crime informant . I know a woman he did this to personally . He’s claimed to kill many people and said he has done home invasions and got out of it by ratting . He also robs drug dealers and will offer you money to say who they are if you know any . He has a steady girlfriend who’s left him recently that he cheated on for years , also an x named Tannis Willier who is aware and all ok with because he supports her fat a55. He thinks he’s a gangster but really he’s just a fat native who is a wanna be cop . He’s claimed he’s been in prison but has not. He drives a black unmarked cop car when he is on “ cop duty “ . He is mentality ill even states on his FB he’s fuked up in the head because his mother smoked drugs while she was pregnant with him . Teased as a child because of his weight and he’s got a medical condition . He has a micro penis , any woman who has been with him knows . His micro penis is most likely the reason he’s so sick . I’m sure his parents never got him the counseling he needed . He has been ran out of several towns and cities for trying to run with real gangsters who just thought he was a piece of sh1t liar. He’s a bully who threatens women and kids no more than that .He likes to flirt it up on FB with hot chicks but could never go through with actually being with 90% of them because he’s so ashamed of his body . The man is a twisted sociopathic liar and so is his brother and best friends . If the wives ever see this wake up and get tested because your men are the most disgusting men I have ever had the displeasure of knowing . Whoever reads this and thinks it’s made up story leave your contact and I’ll gee the proof from my friend . He almost ruined her life . She’s in recovery now from ptsd thanks to him . The photos are of him he’s a narcissistic moron always taking the same selfie , the other men are his brother and Tony Mcnabb and his disgusting baby Mohammad Tannis who doesn’t care who he fuks around .

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  1. lilcupidMarch 13, 2019 at 10:14 AM

    dos anyone else get the random it’s blaire text to start a convo even tho u both no u have each other numbers…..just to open a convertstion to flirt…..Lol pathetic. or those cute/sexy names that make u feel special and pretty?ladies we were all losers to fall for it. he’s probably doing it to us all. asking for selfies……….we ain’t special girls.

  2. MurzMarch 9, 2019 at 7:11 AM

    I’ve been getting selfies and texts from this guy recently like yesterday…………………… I feel sorry if he does got a girl – girl if you’re reading this…..GO…………,,

  3. WonderwomanJanuary 23, 2019 at 3:03 PM

    I’m the woman this piece of garbage terrorized . Feel free to contact me anytime . Anything I can do to stop this sociopath from hurting anyone ever again I’m willing at any cost . A recent update and Blair I hope your kid reads this … Blair is now pimping out under age native girls then streeling their cash . Blair you are the most disgusting human there ever has been . The amount of lies you tell yourself and others is so pathetic . How’s Danni Snooki “ your old ugly Australian snuggle tooth. slore “ ? Remember the models pics you stole from the internet saying that was her !!! Lmao …. remember saying you were going to cut my kids up in pieces ? I still have that screenshot it’s all in the cloud waiting for the day you get the balls you don’t have to try and drug me to death again . Shouldn’t have told me you are a rat and a crime informant . If this is Brads wife or Tony’s wife they cheat on you both regularly. Tony why don’t you give Eryn’s # to your wife . Blair says she gave you drds lol . Well deserved . Theclot of you need to be buried in a deep hole . Thief’s who rat on other thief’s and prey on women .

  4. TMarcOctober 29, 2018 at 2:20 PM

    can you email me, i know on e of the guys you mentioned