Be aware of this grubby little sewage rat! Brittany Harding

Be aware of this grubby little sewage rat! Brittany Harding

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This is Brittany Harding, a class a example of a home wrecker. She will befriend you , especially if you have a boyfriend/fiance and expect men to fly right into her dirty used giney. When they don’t, she will start to cause trouble any way she can. She has zero self respect and throws herself at any man she meets, regardless if they are taken or not. She owes multiple people money across Calgary and has decided to flee to Edmonton away from the bs she’s caused here. She will do anything to make money including steal anything she finds valuable in your home and leave. NEVER trust her with your children , she’s been caught snorting blow while babysitting my nephew not too long ago and who knows who elses children she’s done it around. Don’t let this DRD infested slore into your life especially if you have a family. She thrives off tearing families a part and when she gets confronted she runs away and plays victim.

— OP Heartless.  Holes in her heart only gregs can fill.

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  1. NightowlMay 14, 2018 at 1:14 PM

    I would like to point out that this is not true. She has more respect for her nephew not to be high or snort blow around them. There is personal reasons as to why she did not pay due to a rent agreement that wasn’t being followed. She did not move to run away from anything. She moved to get help with her addiction as well as she was having issues with an ex and was not safe. I highly advise this to be removed immediately as I believe this well not help her with her addiction but only drive her to want to do it again. Thank you

    • NightowlMay 15, 2018 at 10:18 PM

      First off, I said MY nephews not hers, read the post before you get all spicy please. Second, she owes MULTIPLE people rent not just one, again it’s in the post. Thirdly, if she was trying to better herself she would start by apologizing to the amount of people she screwed over not run away and block everybody

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