candice courtorielle — psycho pisses on the floor like a dog and beats her man

candice courtorielle — psycho pisses on the floor like a dog and beats her man

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING! This psycho is on the loose in edmonton. This girl is so heavily obsessed with stalking men and beating them she beats her man on the daily and hes totally okay with it because hes old enough to be her dad its disgusting. she pissed on the floor multiple times to piss people off even one time wiped it up with peoples clothing and laughed about it . threatens to kill your animals and will walk down the street and knock out any random that looks at her because she is a full on beast hide your kids hide your wives and do not hire this girl she will smash your windows if you look at her wrong she supposedly has a bf but i see this thot on the street all the time tweakin hard or fighting. she drinks on the daily and is hoping she can have a baby by whoever will F*ck her so she can pin it on someone who works hard and get a free meal ticket (family allowance/child support). she will act completely innocent to get close to you or your household and then she will show up blackout drunk and smash everything that is worth anything rob you for anything she can sell for pint and then cry for forgiveness when she wakes up the next day. If you see this crazy thot coming run because shes probably on a binge feening for pint and she will do anything to get it. REZ MUT. GARBAGE PAIL.

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  1. LisaAugust 28, 2018 at 1:20 AM

    Lol that’s right a whore of all whores.a psycho crack head beware men beware

  2. feyAugust 13, 2018 at 4:22 PM

    This one was clearly raised in a barn. That angle isn’t hiding anything