Cole Lehto – Gives Bipolar Women DRD’s

Cole Lehto – Gives Bipolar Women DRD’s

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cole Lehto – Property Manager – Homeward Trust Edmonton This guy fuked a friend of mine who two days later was hospitalized for manic episode. The girl was clearly in need of medical attention at the time. On top of that she was given DRD by Cole, as he “forgot” to mention he had raw dogged a couple other girls the previous week. You are a predator Cole and although my friend is too scared to say anything I am not. If she ever decides to press charges I will be beside her testifying against you.

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  1. Hole in juanSeptember 13, 2018 at 2:35 PM

    This sounds like a reach. Shame on you for doxing him. If this was real you would take it to him or the law for real.

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