Curtis York

Curtis York

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me just say this guy is a real piece of work. He is up on assault charges (of the worst kind) against a lady here in Edmonton. She is 5 feet tall and he is 6 foot something. He needs to be put here in the worst way. Ladies need to watch out for this guy. Not only is he in trouble here, I did some research on him and found out this looser has priors for assaulting the mothers(that right Nik, plural) of his children and a pretty big c**e problem. He is from Kamloops BC and lives in Edmonton Alberta. But he is in Sherwood Park everyday working on a job site across from a bloody high school. The public needs to know whats walking around out there. Oh I’d also like to say he is even mentioned in the Kamloops dirty as well under his baby mommas dirtyness. She is the Kamloops sponge. He hasn’t changed. Still a low life druggie who hurts and violates women. What a waste of a person

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  1. My mistakeJune 24, 2018 at 7:06 PM

    So my mistake 2010 is the year. it was the summer of 2010…sorry she was a verry nice girl she never did us wrong in anyway…i did how ever give that hat to her i have proof if you need. I have been a verry busy guy and well i made an error on the date that was 8 years ago….she passed shortly after in jan. My brain is sharp. It was a short meet up..dully truck with lets say a huge propane tank in the back…..jog your memory or still want to disagree

  2. KarmaJune 23, 2018 at 1:31 AM

    Being with Curtis was the worst decision I ever made in my life! It is disgusting to hear of these charges, especially knowing he has a daughter of his own !!!! Curtis let me ask you this ? How would you like it, if someone went and raped your daughter in a bathroom and took her period panties ? You’re fkn nasty and you’ve only gotten worse since I’ve been with you. How dare you blame your baby mamas for how you have become !!! You were fcked up even when I was with you! You make me fckn sick dude. You have a daughter!!!!! I know her mom !!!! She’s so cute!!!! And knowing this now and I know Alicia knows that you have these charges, and I’m glad you have no part in your daughter’s life and your baby girl is now growing up with a daddy who stepped up to the plate and actually loves and supports her, while you rape women and do blow. Good job Curtis, fckn father of the year. I hope someone a55 fcks you in jail and beats the crap out of you, because it would be just a little taste for you, of the pain you caused to your baby mamas and your children. Grow up and get fixed for the love of god.

  3. MelJune 22, 2018 at 2:40 PM

    So i seen you today. Those red lacy intimates you seen out the window today… Yeah i WANTED my husband to have those. Just thought you should know thats what a woman will give to the man she loves. Not at all what you got now is it? definately not how u got em either.

  4. Time bombJune 22, 2018 at 12:10 AM

    Note to jadine baird we found out where we know u from sorry to hear…..your friend nikki too. thats my hat in her pic with the kids at the resturant sorry she passed didnt know its tragic really. lol i gave her that hat the night me you and nikki met at my house 2013 in the shop lotsa cash involved hat was on top of my tv an she wanted it….I let her have it. I was to busy to care.
    …small world….hope you remember…..I do ….he cheats on u runns his mouth abought how stupid an lazy u are you deserve a real man nikki would be disapointed…he already has a new sparky girl at work…not a month after he raped a girl oh an got back with you. Curtis is found we been trailing him since jan..we know you adjourned but we wont..its gona get hard for him soon id find a new life…..a real man for that boy of his.

    Remember thoes people
    They comin back

  5. MeanmofoJune 19, 2018 at 8:56 PM

    You can run but you cant hide curtis word is spreading like wild fire. Heard what u did to her. Nasty man all of it. Cant beleive you took her period panties…waved em around your sick bro….she sent me the video. She sent all the evidence.
    Your done curtis.

  6. Dirty surfer.June 9, 2018 at 4:05 PM

    Curtis york. We been watching you bud……when shes done with you we gona break your a#$ for how you treat the ladies..we follow these posts regularly..looking for fresh happened to live close an I know you personaly. Xoxo. Better use thoes legs while you got em bud. If they dont break em we will.

    • A real manJune 10, 2018 at 7:54 PM

      Lol now that is awsome. Courts soon..after that well i think curtis knows this wont be over…catch u soon curtis york.

      • She knows to be scared. Kids tooJune 13, 2018 at 12:58 PM

        Consensual sex dose not involve being scared..why would you tell her husband u had to keep her scared thought you were trying to play it cool lost it did yea threaten her kids. Wait till u meet their dads they aint mine but we all friends 8 years Iol you have kids 2 with 2 girls sayin the same things abought you. None of it was willing even had to jerk yourself off with her hand..couldnt even get her off lol i heard u tryed lol…couldnt even get a kiss.
        Even Stole her period panties. I was getting the best of her while u got my sloppy seconds in a bathroom with a girl in tears twice who didnt even want to touch you. she came home to me and loved me so deeply pleased me with all she had because of u (thanks) we have became closer because of you.. she touches me all the time kisses me caresses me oh an no we dont use a condom like u. shes fixed im not so your new nick name is sticky fingers. twice over lol. Funny im so close to you all day and u hide like a bitc$ you call the cops everytime i see u lol i know what that means put down your camra makes u look weak see mine out, wont be no eveidence. See u in court. Or at the bus stops loser. Till then have fun whackin off to a pair of granny period pantys (gross) Hope you washed em at least. I still got the girl.. always had her.

  7. A real man.May 26, 2018 at 2:38 PM

    This lady is my life shes a sweet little thing shes everything a man could ask for. kind,loving,compassionate,caring and as sexy as they come we have been unseperable for 8 years this year, our connection is deep 3 kids lotsa great memories ups downs an inbetween. Nothing any man could do would stop me from lovin her Only she can. Curtis’ only way with her was exactly what he did I heard the fight im the reason he left. I was with her the night before…lol an well seems like this guy likes his sloppy seconds and tampons dont seem to faze him at all either lol coulnt have been a good time wasent a verry long time either given the video footage is 10 mins long in a bathroom off cam I had the privalge of watching before we revealed the case to the right people the eveidence speaks for itself also the audio from the store is how I know how much my lady loves me and only me like i said to curtis good luck bud round 2 is on us. See you in court…maby in the park lol

  8. Your worst nightmareMay 20, 2018 at 5:32 PM

    I find this funny, as someone who has dated Curtis, and knows one of his baby mamas,I can tell you this fits him to a tee. He abused me too and stupidly I didn’t listen when his daughter’s mother warned me. This guy is fkn nasty and it’s a good thing that he doesn’t have his kids. I’ve seen him yell in a child’s face before!! Like a young child. He used to force himself upon me all the time. It wouldn’t matter if I said no or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t his first rape charge, and that the girls just haven’t come forward. I feel sorry for the baby mamas, he’s painted them to be crazy, when in fact he is and he’s the one with mental illness.

    • Time bombJune 22, 2018 at 12:23 PM

      177_5 6_th

      .Ha ha ha ha ha.

      ive had a nicer pad since i was 20 years old.
      .Ask jadine….hahahaha.
      Its because of jadines history this was all possible…they gave her location up…and shes your babby momma for life. Because of jadines history back in 2011and your life with her now. This will be a walk in the park I couldnt remember what drop it was but i know now because of nikki (#tosoon)….I have all i need for years to come. Tit for tat. Seems like your gonna hang around for a few years here in the park thats good stay where u are its easier for me. I like that u waste your life on a bus ride i cant stand public transit for 2 mins let alone 1.45hr twice a day that must suck. Also I know the car you ride in when your nice to jadine. Smartin up treat her like a lady. Tell her the truth before we do….evidence will speak for itself.

      .Times almost up.
      Karmas a bit_h

    • EmployeeMay 21, 2018 at 2:52 PM

      Funny you say..well leme be the first to say u helped shape this creep into what he is. Comin forth with info like multiple times. That my dear is your problem. You just shot yourself in the foot really. Curtis will see your post realize u r to weak to speak. This brings us to the next point. He gets to see your not cabable of saying no or taking your voice back. He is a cry baby called him self out to the rcmp over nothing a peice of paper with no details attached to him that was passed to random people but he shure as hell knew it was he couldnt do simple tasks at work with out being sketchy as fxck
      He walks around mad sulking all the time. We sat at this bench and this lady kept comin by callin him out yelling at him one day they stoped an all curtis could do was call the rcmp , pick up pick up come on pick up as they sat at the store parking lot where she worked staring at him. Come forth take your voice back. Dont be silent…or your just another (poundmetoo) (#.ME.TOO) Story. I bet more girls were injured by curtis but people like you didnt help his situation as far as im concered you had a helping hand shaping curtis into a predator that will continue to assult ladys. But what do i know im just another guy who knows truly how weak curtis is an how easly he will be brought to his knees.

  9. Time bombMay 20, 2018 at 8:25 AM

    Times running out curtis..admitt what u did..we both know this will destroy ur life..they have started contacting friends an family they have solid proof ur a goof. Do u think they are going to just let this go they wont. She contacted me as well and her story sounds so familier thats you curtis thats how u are time of the month an all. Hope you enjoy being brought down by your own stupidity. Your kids will grow up knowing who you are thanks to your baby mamas. Seems like she already has a good man in her life for him to help her like this. Be a man…oh wait thats why we are done I needed a real man in my life for our baby.

  10. Time bombMay 20, 2018 at 8:23 AM

    Times running out curtis..admitt what u did..we both know they will ruin ur life..they have started contacting friends an family they have solid proof ur a goof. Do u think they are going to just let this go they wont. She contacted me as well and her story sounds so familier thats you curtis thats how u are time of the month an all. Hope you enjoy being brought down by your own stupidity. Your kids will grow up knowing who you are thanks to your baby mamas. Seems like she already has a good man in her life for him to help her like this. Be a man…oh wait thats why we are done I needed a real man in my life for our baby.

  11. Round 2May 6, 2018 at 11:54 AM

    Round 2. I know forshure he is up for a polygraph on rape charges lol have fun bud just confess to what u did. Itll be easyier then ruining the rest of ur life.

  12. Baby momma dramaApril 29, 2018 at 9:58 AM

    Curtis is a user that has major c$&@ problems. Does not surprised me that he assaulted another lady in Edmonton as he used to force himself onto his exes all the time. He’s the scum of the earth, and a total whiny little B$&@ boy that whenever things go wrong he calls his mom and she comes and comforts him or supplies him with his drugs. As far as his baby mommas, he has a son and a daughter. The son he had with a crazy that has a mile long record just like him, she’s from Edmonton as well. Apparently she took a round out of him and cheated on him, if so he probably deserved it. The daughter he has with Alicia who is posted on here as the Kamloops spounge. I know the girl, she’s a cool chick, another one that got screwed over by Curtis but has taken care of their daughter from day one. She told me he couldn’t see their daughter because he assaulted her and past drug use. This guy is the scum of the earth and is almost 40 and needs to grow up and stop having kids if he isn’t going to take care of them or assault the baby mommas.

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