Dakota Miller — Dirty Dakota Miller

Dakota Miller — Dirty Dakota Miller

THE DIRTY ARMY: This rico suave likes to lure women in by telling them how lucky he is to have met them. Goes as far as to introduce his family to them. He likes to get high on the pepsi and molly out at his raves he so loves. He likes to sleep around with other girls while in a relationship and probably has a dirty d1ck. Hes a self admitted serial cheater and lives with his mom . He also doesnt know how to shower cause he smells like b.o. He loves finding his dates on tinder so makes it easier for his playing ways. Edmonton woman beware of this serial cheater ,he is only dtf.


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  1. Girlpower3September 10, 2018 at 10:47 AM

    Wow , I can’t believe this, Dakota was right about you being an absolute psychotic retard braelyn , haha Dakota is a great guy and only made that up so you would dissapear , and you know what doesn’t dissapear ? An std that you have bahahha

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