Darcy leitch — Goof of all goofs 3

Darcy leitch — Goof of all goofs 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is a so called hustler and is nothing but a homeless drug addict who gambles away his money. He plays with your trust which is so not cool. The way everyone in the world is fuking changing in to goofs It is hard to trust someone. He plays you good this is true he will make u feel u can trust him. Proves it like a good 6 -7 times then fuks you over for everything he is a piece of sh1t beats up women and takes c0ck up the a55. Watch out and don’t be stupid like me and trust this goof don’t matter if you are man or woman. I am pretty sure he targets gay men on squirt and grinder and steals there wallets. And goes by the name jeff on there brags about how dumb gay guys are. It is completely gross this is a very ugly guy inside and out. NOT TO BE TRUSTED NOT AT ALL HATE THIS HATER GOOF OF ALL GOOFS HE THINKS HE IS ALL GOOD WHAT A JOKE


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  1. buck modeNovember 6, 2018 at 11:33 AM

    leader of the G squad

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