Darla Rosvold-Marchand — Jersey Shore Slore

Darla Rosvold-Marchand — Jersey Shore Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the biggest sloot I know! She has more DRD’s than you can count and you can clearly tell she peeked in high school! Her legs are always open. She has spray tans and sh1tty burnt bleach hair cause she is trying to look 20 even tho she is “50”!!!!! She talks a lot of sh1t about other girls cause she’s insecure… I’d avoid this crazy hoe bag at all costs! The fact that she is tweaking 24/7 doesn’t help lol


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  1. MBNovember 12, 2018 at 5:02 PM

    This old bag is a coward hanging around 20 some year olds. She is tweaker forsure …anything that she can get her hands on , it looks like she did. She’s an old scumbag, my son passed away in her bed and she should have known that things weren’t right with him but she was too selfish and cowardly to call an ambulance and didn’t have enough nerve to call and let our family know anything either (so she must be guilty of something) …gave a fake name DURLA but she was easy to find since she obviously gets around. She took his phone, bag and ID’s . My daughter tried to reach out to her but she was blocked after on FB …because she doesn’t have a straight answer and clearly had some sort or motive. Blaming my son for her problems. She loves her opiates and fentanyl and gets off being around the “young dumb” crowd. ..old pervert drugging up young kids in her house.

    Stinky old bitch. Karma is coming for you.