Jadine Baird –Ogre Sores all over.

Jadine Baird –Ogre Sores all over.

THE DIRTY ARMY:This Ogre’s name is Jadine Baird. She is a pepsi head who can’t get her nose out of the dust long enough to see the truth. She has a baby with a fellow pepsi head and they fight constantly. They are in and out of court for the kid, who I feel bad for. Poor little guy. We can hear her through the walls all the time, yelling at the kid or her now ex boyfriend. She is always swearing and breaking things in the apartment. the police have showed up over and over. Social Services has been called on her a few times, but she always blames her ex for the issues and drugs, even though its her we hear screaming and swearing all the time, restraining orders have been broken windows have been smashed. She gets into fights with women and men all the time, She drinks a lot, is violent and abusive, and her kid is stuck in the middle of it all. When her chew toy goes to work, she is letting all sorts of men through the door, and we get to hear what they are doing as well… (and it isn’t fighting ……) Your chew toy cheats on you too Jadine, well.. kind of.. lol…if he could find one willing to cheat but he cant its always a dead end road for him and a waste of his time trying. look where he is now because of you. we tried to help her and her kid now she owes 4 of us money, 2 she gave D.R.D to lol and its been months of lies and disrespect in public on site at work. We are tired of your ogre ways, as Curtis would say. This woman would rather chase snow up her nose than step up and treat her family with respect. confession from Dyand mech crew in Sherwood park alberta we have had enough, haven’t you lol


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  1. Tapped OutAugust 18, 2018 at 6:54 PM

    Tapped a few rounds out of her while her man was at work revenge is a dish best served warm, She would finish with me then she would leave to pick him up from work, He almost cought us once, I quit because the kid would cry eveytime and she would f.*× threw it I couldnt lazy coot needs a life. Im glad i moved away went on to long.
    Sorry jadine he deserves the truth its his kid to.