Jaelynn Bentley — The Most Fakest Fuk Boy B1tch You Will Ever Meet

Jaelynn Bentley — The Most Fakest Fuk Boy B1tch You Will Ever Meet

THE DIRTY ARMY: I used to be friends with this girl for 8 years. It seemed as though we were good friends but this girl turned out to be all bad nd clearly has secret agenda with the girls she becomes friends with beware ladies she is a SNAKE. She will act like ur friend if u have something she wants,she’ll take it cuz she’s just that damn hurtin. Lmao She stole $500 outta my purse when I went to the bathroom at her place no wonder she has no friends. Probably from fuking over everyone who gave a sh1t about her. Lmao DO NOT TRUST HER !! &&she 2 has kids ( she got drunk at a party when she was pregnant with one of her kids) with 2 different guys at the age of 20 both of which have been taken away from her due to the fact that she is a feining meth addict. she hasn’t done anything with her life except become a meth addict,and a lil b1tch of a runner.She’s just a lowlife fake a55 stealing lying b1tch&&HURTIN’FORCERTAIN !! Lmao can’t believe I used to associate with her, she looks nothing like her Facebook photos if you seen her in real life she has the look of a typical meth addict,bony, pimples, grey skin, she looks like a dude&lesbian with her 2 inch long hair, glasses she wears lmaooo she goes by Elysian bentley on fb. Ps this is all true!!! Nd She’s so Inlove with her bf she doesn’t even know that he was texting me trynna hit me up behind her back ?


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  1. RikkiJuly 31, 2018 at 7:41 AM

    Sounds like she’s related to Ashleigh Jenkins

  2. ch4rzardboy99July 26, 2018 at 3:37 AM

    heyy;) hmu my SC is user …

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