Jay/Jarett Beware — Jarett Emmanuel Nicholson

Jay/Jarett Beware — Jarett Emmanuel Nicholson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jay has been moving from woman to woman whom have young children. Meanwhile he lives off these woman and takes things from they’re home, pawns the stuff moves to another family. Does the same thing. He does not have the balls to end a relationship before jumping into another relationship.. Meanwhile he is under investigation for stuff involving children. This guy is a narcissistic jerk

–I think I saw this guy once on the Trailer Park Boys.


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  1. Queen bitchMay 4, 2018 at 10:40 PM

    He also had a Plenty of Fish account user name is Big1979Daddy
    Profile says he had no kids……lmao he has a lot of kids we are talking 6+.
    He has kids with all 3 of his ex wives.

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