Jason J. — This guy is a woozer.

Jason J. — This guy is a woozer.

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy ! O my G_d! he sure has something great going on!!! UNBELEIVABLE. He managed to skim by on his “CATSCRATCHER POSTS” $$$ (yes he sells scratching posts for a living to people)….or is it the fact HE’S BEING SO “METHY” AGAIN. I am guesssing…he’s playing the Game…again! EWWW. Selling to Dope Fiends , Jay? … so he is FULL of empty promises. I bet he’s so busy getting it on with HIS FULL FRONTAL to even notice that beer gut of his. Not doing so hot either. Can’t even attend a 21 day treatment program coz he knows too many people && OWES THEM BUFF. So lush. take care xo -your summer girlfrienc


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  1. respectorAugust 30, 2018 at 2:59 AM

    Clearly you know nothing about this guy, and you must be a stun single mom that loves to make good people look bad. Some people should really be careful with who they think is the truth and something to advertise. STUPID BITCH GET A LIFE, YOU DON’T KNOW A DAM THING ABOUT THIS GUY!

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