Jason Pontes — Unemployed, Desperate and Violent

Jason Pontes — Unemployed, Desperate and Violent

THE DIRTY ARMY: This aggressive, forceful dude came to Edmonton from Toronto in desperation to find a trades job even though no one will hire him because of his narcissistic and terrible vibes, both in Edmonton and in Toronto. Hes been unemployed for months and months. Instead, he spends his time hiring and treating women in an abusive manner. More than one girl has complained that he is physically aggressive and severely mentally unstable. He will yell at you for no reason and is scary mean when he just met you. To get in women’s pants, he will either tell them he’s loyal to them, force himself on them or just hire them. Whatever works best in the moment. He’ll steal anything from you and pretend it never happened. He is a very sad, angry, hostile criminal of a person who needs to wake up.


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  1. DouchebagSeptember 7, 2018 at 7:00 PM

    This guy did the exact sabs thing to me! Yelled at me when I didn’t give in to his forceful sexual forces and fed me lies.

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