Jessee Lee Johns — pepsi sloot

Jessee Lee Johns — pepsi sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey everyone. This is Jessee Lee John’s she looks cute and a down to earth girl but she wears a mask just like her pound of makeup she throws on. She gets around for her pepsi habbit that’s after the fact she spends her tip money from her greasy creep bar she works at. After that’s all gone she’s tempted to do anything like get teamed by two dudes. All she cares about is her self she claims she was such a hardcore drug addict but has no sympathy for other drug addicts even after being to treatment. She was a down to earth girl or it was all lies and she was just the same ol’ dirty trick she always was.


She claims she’s a loyal girl watch out men she’s a big fuking cheater she cant settle with one guy. She will sabotage your life control your life hack your Facebook’s and phone and fuk all your friends tell your plugs she’s calling the cops on them. This girl is not solid. She cheated on her man at least 10 times. She thinks she is going so far but this little snitch coke slut doesn’t have a high school diploma and couldn’t even write a simple essay to get a credit. She looks like her bones are going to snap she is so frail and sick looking. This little coke slut will become old and forgotten about eventually once everyone realize she just isn’t a nice person.

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  1. ErinDecember 1, 2018 at 2:49 AM

    I live with this girl and I’ve known her for years. And this girl is the sweetest girl. Shes helped me every single time I needed it. Like yeah she does coke like who doesn’t like to party and no way is she a flipping addict. Clearly this is her boyfriend who is so heart broken from her leaving because she is tried of trying to help an actual addict and never being enough. Girl your amazing and no way is this you.

  2. YeahriteOctober 15, 2018 at 9:57 PM

    Shes a sweetheart. Her ex boyfriend wrote this.. Hes a fenthead and gives fat old native chicks meth to blow him when hes been up for days. He spends his time in a trailer acting hard and like he is a kingpin. Hes just a tweaker squidly goof

  3. hahahahhaJuly 20, 2018 at 7:36 AM

    i worked with this bitch for a little bit. such a fiend. coming to work high and stuff hahahah dumb bitch

  4. CyounexttuesJuly 20, 2018 at 5:43 AM

    I’ve been wrapped up in that crazy drug lifestyle for years. Although I didn’t sleep or theif my way around and always supported my habit with a REAL job.. Addiction is a disease. And I overcame it years ago. Instead of blasting ppl.. maybe ppl should base lifestyle ON FACTS. How about reach out to them 1-1? Not just easily assume. It’s easy to look in from an outsiders perspective and go off.. Until you really know what someone is going through.. Not based on “he said/she said”.. Aside from what your “friends” said et., You have no idea what is going on in this persons life. So until you 100% do, I think its immature and inappropriate to cast such a picture of someone while you sit behind a computer screen.. No one aint better than the next.. We all have faults and skeletons. Welcome to life. It’s about living and learning on our own time. Look in your own backyard before we fire shots.

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