Fat Hoebag of Edmonton – Jessi Dawn Cook

Fat Hoebag of Edmonton – Jessi Dawn Cook

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Guys beware of this stereotypical native sloot. She’s been laying with every guy in Edmonton since she was 15. She has 4 kids from different baby daddies. She likes dressing up like a sloot considering she’s a 400lb whale. Not too mention her vagina is more stretched out than king Kong with full of diseases. But she’s a road head sloot. Hope you like drds! She lives with her parents and 10 kids and has no self respect. All that make up doesn’t fool you with her ugly face and blackened teeth. Takes just a friend request to bang and get nudes from this sloot.

— Is her ass is on backwards?


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  1. An honest human being (how rare)May 17, 2018 at 7:54 PM

    What is going on. Honest to god a mad 12 year old made this or someone she left on read, Jessi is the nicest person I know and she is none of the described. She has 0 children and is taking care of her sick mother. Shame on you if you wrote this, terrible low life people who go out of their way to lie and try to belittle someone is what’s wrong with this world. If you’re reading this and you wrote this hateful lie get an education because you are clearly an idiot. Lmao best of luck to your sad life.

  2. Her sisterMay 16, 2018 at 2:21 PM

    My sister is nothing what this guy posted lmao what a joke he is, first of all this guy didn’t even know her or anything, he added her on snap and asked her every day for nudes and she kept saying no, so he went on her ig and screenshots 2 pictures of her and posted them just becuse she said no, what a low life loser:))) FYI she doesn’t have any kids, she barley knows half of Edmonton, and when she was 15 she was focused on school and working not on stupid boy/guys and she is not a std magnet like most of you girl just saying and just because it says it only takes a friends request to bang and get nudes, it’s doesn’t so try all u want And Ik u Can read this comment u loser, get a life, and grow up

  3. S cardinalMay 16, 2018 at 2:30 AM

    I worked with this girl , the person that posted her must be mad that she turned them down