Jussy Pahtayken of Edmonton

Jussy Pahtayken of Edmonton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I got a good dirty for ya! I’m amazed Jussy Pahtayken‘s not already on here cause she is the dirtiest of the dirtiest Nik! The only thing real about her is her real ugly face. She used to be really pretty, but now she looks like an ugly tranny! She tells everyone she is so solid- a red alert gang member, but I have seen her call the cops on people before just to take them down cause she doesn’t like them. She is a dry snitch and I’m just disgusted I ever called her a friend. She will lie cheat steal duck and duck just to get her way. I feel bad for anyone who thinks she is their friend cause she talks mad sh*t about all of you.

The only reason I hung around her for so long was cause she always bought me presents n gifts. She knows she has to buy people’s love and friendship cause she’s a piece of sh*t. Oh and if only her church people could see what she’s like when no ones looking. It’s all an act so they will give her money. Some of you may know her from 118 or backpage, or even her porn videos. But yet she denies all of this and claims to be a good Christian woman. So there it is nik. Everyone watch your back and your man around this dirty dirty.


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  1. AquamanFebruary 4, 2018 at 11:14 PM

    Ew gross she’s disgusting. I can’t even look at her. Looks like she’s addicted to crack.