DRD — Kerey Poitras

DRD — Kerey Poitras

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kerey Poitras is the type of guy who lies and deceits all the women he attempts to talk to. Don’t believe him when he tries to tell you his story. The loser is on AISH that stands for assured income for the SEVERLY HANDICAPPED. So for thise ladies who like the losers that have no life or a future or a life that his mother is in, this is your guy. Lol just means your as low and retarded as he is. Oh and should mention that he has DRD and does not tell anyone

–I have a hard time believing Kerey penetrated any real life female


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  1. BobSeptember 14, 2018 at 3:24 PM

    This guy finally got posted!!! I heard stories that he likes it in the bum and that his sister cheated on her husband at the farm house with 2 guys in one night. Just like her their mom Alison, single mother that claims all men are the same but but yet can’t turn d1ck down. Ex social worker that smokes weed with her pregnant daughter and drinks like crazy. When seen in public they run like little b1tches, going around making people feel sorry for them. People giving them funds for their addictions and own personal needs. Be careful with the poitras family. Don’t be fooled, these people are who they “post” to be.

    PS. Kashina H.H has drd for life

  2. Justice for VeronicaMay 28, 2018 at 6:29 PM

    Kerey is a good guy. He’s been through a lot. Sherman Whitford and Jaylene Houle are baby killers. And you will be going to jail. leave Kerey alone you animals…. JUSTICE FOR VERONICA

  3. Shannon HouleApril 24, 2018 at 5:29 PM

    This is my nephew and his 16 moth old daughter was MURDERED by his ex Jalene Houle’s boyfriend Sherman Whitford and he is trying to protect his other daughter from being harmed by the mother and her still boyfriend. The mother is standing with her boyfriend. This is factual information I stated (google the news coverage – Sherman Whitford is charged with Second Degree Murder) but who ever posted this is just trying to harm a father’s character who is trying to protect him daughter from the mother and her boyfriend. If this justice. #JusticeForBabyVeronicaPoitras #MMIWG

    I recommend Admins delete this post on my nephew immediately. He is trying to get justice and protect his 3 yr old daughter from murderers.

    I will state my name because I stand by my words, Shannon Houle

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