Roy Anne …..Ogre (Orr)

Roy Anne …..Ogre (Orr)

THE DIRTY ARMY:This one is a work of sh1t , lets start off she has FOUR children whom she gave up to the gov’t just to chase some d1ck around deadmonton. Last time she seen them she stashed them under dirty laundry DRUNK AF hiding them from police and social services a few nights after she put ONE of her kids dad’s in jail cause he started seeing someone who is much more of an upgrade threw him in jail for FOUR years on assaults he never committed made false statements to the police then later lost her kids in a after party of putting him in jail after all his friends clearly fuking anyone she can get her paws on. Shes a complete nut case she worries about d1ck more then she does her children LOL they dont even call her mom probably ask if she even loves them. She will talk mad sh1t on social media but when you see her in public she will NOT even look up at you. She comes from a FAMILY of ogres her mom WOW no wonder she is a loser her mom had all these kids and left them to starve and survive and fend for themselves so she could roamed around being the city cum bucket getting knocked up from wherever party she leaves from and royanne turned out to be the one with problems with pint damage clearly after seeing her face. She claims to be this hard working woman yet when she meets guys she then DENIES her kids or even having any. lol WOW Complete LOSER. She laughs at women she wishes to be mocks woman who are above her harasses them then calls the cops when she gets taught a lesson. She doesnt have friends cause shes selfish self centered THINKS shes a princess when really shes just a rug left outside the door step only used to wipe your shoes. Her mom too ditched them all in the system to be raised then came back when they were all older claiming to be MOM no wonder she thinks its okay to have kids leave them and chase other peoples boyfriends ex’s or baby dads just cause none of hers even want shes lives off this old lady cause she has no friends like NONE but has this face book and all these OLD men waiting to take the next mistake and harrassment problems that come with it. Faked a few pregnancies to keep someone elses baby dads then harrasses the MOTHERS of guys who fall into her deep hole shes a catfish waiting to happen Desperate for love and affection and when her crazy comes out and shes left she turns around and CHARGES these men puts them in jail LIES in front of the judge claims to be abused shes a a total rotten fuck that should be thrown in jail for the amount of men she did this to and woman she harasses then charges for her actions lol her brother (Jere OGRE) too sleeps around from floor to floor with his kicked in girlfriend backing up this pint head going around taking loans from drug dealers and smoking all his product then asking anyone to borrow money to pay back his loans lol claims to be this hard solid guy but just like his sister hes a product of the govt who was ditched by they’re mom abandoned issues this Shemale is a piece of dumpster sewer has no head on her shoulder no care for anyone but herself the harrassment she doesn then claims people are obsessed with her is CRAZY. Watch put ladies and gentlemen no wonder she is fuked left and forgotten she has POF account TINDER Account she is on the prawl for her next victim An ladies your baby daddy or man come incontact with this animal RUN!!! she will do what it TAKES to fuk with your kids including your kids cause she doesnt care to fuck with her own. She will call social services making false claims repeatedly charge you for harassment then continue to bother you after you ignore her countless times she will throw any man in jail she comes in contact with there is THREE men right now dealing with this mutt and charges ONE of her kids dads did a pen bit cause she snitched him out on countless of false accusations and of course cops believed her. When shes done with one guy she will move on to his friends fuk them and when she realizes theyre done she will CALL the cops again. Im telling you her cum.bucket mother royally fuked her up lol her mom didnt want her she mad a family and they didnt want her she had everyone else men they didnt want her theyre friends had her and left her WOMAN to these men ignored her and she will go to EXTREMES to get revenge. Shes a nasty thot product too sending videos of her scabby vagina to old men playing with her dildo for money but yet cant put into her own kids instead buys men booze and whatever they want to stay. Shes an EXTREME alcoholic when she is not DRUNK she is high of pill to FEEL drunk lol cant blame her its her moms mistake to face. Just warning anyone she is not all there in the head she has COUNTLESS of facebooks she creeps her victims from will.message them pretending to be this made up person trying to speak to them. this is STAGE GET THE FUK AWAY FROM ME ….. i feel sorry for her kids no child deserves guess its a good thing she peaced out they are better off then being with a nut case like this her mom Glenda Orr should be ashamed of herself that rachett piece sleeps with the same young guys royanne does they both drunks both horrrible mothers both garbage sent from hell they have all this confidence but none to take a stand for theyre own babies lol sad life im telling you no wonder theyre besties. Royanne thinks that her mom loves her now where was she when she was being abused in foster homes after foster homes abuse after abuse why didnt she care about her kids while she was being edmonton mattress. Shame on you glenda OGRE look what you left for civilization to deal with. Now trying to be a grateful mother now to bad the damage is done sorry sweetie as much as you hope your soul will be saved your not gonna find it folloowing your mom being a crazy shit bat nut case with no morals good luck DO NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH THIS THOT PRODUCT you will regret it its just a WARNING approach at your own RISK amd ladies watch out .. shes not a woma who gives a fuk about kids so keep your family FAR away from this crazy lost unloved broad …

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  1. CyndiDecember 5, 2018 at 6:19 PM

    First of all, she needs her tits fixed. Wow! Those things look like socks holding locks man!! Ewwww!
    Too bad she is all screwed up and had kids. Those poor innocent little little angels. They need to be taken away from her and given a new start at life.
    Selfish tool she is.

  2. 240 gordieDecember 5, 2018 at 6:06 PM

    Those are some nasty boobs for real :(

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