Shaun Vocioni — Edmontons Escort Stalker Serial Killer

Shaun Vocioni — Edmontons Escort Stalker Serial Killer

THE DIRTY ARMY: This looser stays at home and call p4p day and night to inquire about sick fetishes that he has. 3 Somes with 2 guys sick on sick of you get the picture. Asks ro get pissed on you get the picture. And msgs and calls all day and night without wanted to meet and wasted time. This psycho needs to be put in the Alberta hospital.

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  1. RenniAugust 18, 2018 at 1:33 AM

    How can the poster label this guy this when it’s clearly a lie.If he was these things it would be somewhere on the internet besides for the dirty.
    The person only complains about his fetishes lol so what everyone has their own fetish . it clearly does not mean he’s a “stalker or serial killer “ lol There are a lot worse fetishes out there than his .
    He should piss on the poster