Shawn Pongracz and Jessie C Flett of Edmonton

Shawn Pongracz and Jessie C Flett of Edmonton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if you come across these two people on POF- Jessie C Flett and Shawn Pongracz– stay away. They’re honestly so disgusting. I met Shawn. He lied about so many things- having a DUI, still sleeping with Jessie… while she was pregnant with another mans child…. and that man only has one arm, really weird. Shawn is a complete alcoholic, lies constantly, and will just use you for anything he can. Jessie will stalk you, irritate you, and annoy the f**k out of you lol. She doesn’t work, she’s on welfare, she just keeps making babies with as many men as possible. She’s a meth head… she’s been arrested for throwing her child and beating up Shawn. She beat up her one armed boyfriend too… great mom. Her boyfriend beat her up and she posted the pictures all on FB… all they do is sleep around on each other. While I was with him and she was with her bf, she wouldn’t allow Shawn to see his children. She’s really a great mother lol. She made a Go Fund Me to cover rent. Maybe get a job? Go Fund Me is for real issues, not the fact you spend all your rent on crack.

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  1. WorrierJune 13, 2018 at 12:37 AM

    Ok so this world be the chick in the pic…
    No i did not beat up my ex my post being beat bye him was alberta wide jessica cannon put this up bc shes mad me and my bby dadsy got along we have 3 kids 12 years still good freinds.
    I did not go to jail for abusing my kids i went to jail for somthing from when i was a kid and could not pay the ticket yes i made a go fund me becuse after what ryan babiuk did to me i was left with bills no did not cheat on him he left me after having our son for meth and a girl and i tryed hard to help him get back off the street and home but thing cganged every fast to anger. Shawn a great yard working man. Ryan a mooch i hope one day he seees he missed out on a great kid. Jessica you need to grow up the lies and story you made up in ur post could really harm a person think before you let things out about somthing you got no clue about. I could turn around do this back to you but wgy so one day your kids could see my hurtful words… No hope you find the adult in you anf grow up becuase this is childish. Heres to hope