Scummy Sheena Weel

Scummy Sheena Weel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone hide your kids from this filthy, nasty , greasy dead beat mother. This tranny look alike constantly talks shit about everyone else and their life to hide the truth about her own trashy life. She lost her kid because she goes through men like socks and will jump on anyone that gives her attention. The only condition is they must be black! Her current abusive boyfriend Jordan Janvier is a woman beating, child raping and DRD ridden low life. Well guess what? She picked him over the safety of her kid. How often do Mother’s lose all custody? Not very often, so that tells you how vile of a person she truly is. The kid was mentally and physically abused so bad that he has serious problems now. She wanted her kid as a paycheck that’s it. She tells everyone how she’s going for custody again, good luck loser, you and your boyfriend are useless and couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag so with the two brain cells between the both of you good luck convincing the right people your fit to have him back lol You will always see her posting pictures on social media of her time with her kid but don’t let that fool you! She is so worried about how her pathetic life looks to everyone else so she takes pictures upon pictures during her one visit a month and then continually posts them so it looks like he lives with her. She is also literally obsessed with her kids father and his new relationship, within minutes of meeting this chick she will tell you about how horrible they are, show pictures of his new woman then try and compare herself. It’s very disturbing considering her kid is almost 10 and she’s so obsessive over them. I’ve heard her say how the other woman has kids by different men well Lets talk about the times Sheenas been pregnant and had all her kids survived through all her abortions she is really no different. She won’t mention that though. Plus it’s very clear she is completely jealous of the father and his new woman because he clearly upgraded from a 1 to a 10 so that must really suck! Not to mention now she’s lost her only surviving kid to them! She really needs to fall back and stop making herself look so stupid plus it’s clear the problem isn’t the father when he’s had 1 relationship the entire kids life and she’s on about her 20th! This nasty herpes infested tranny is always talking about the gym and her “gains” but has the most cellulite ridden lumpy legs and back side it’s gross. Talks about others being fat yet can barely squeeze her own ass into an extra large. Then there is her face! Blah! It’s always so greasy looking and orange from all the horribly cheap self tanner she uses and her nose is huge! She has nasty pits all over her face and shaves half her head that makes her look like a complete butch! Then there is how she talks and acts, when she talks her voice is so whiny and annoying and she is completely uneducated but spews things out she thinks are facts that her loser boyfriend puts into her head. She cannot think for herself whatsoever. The best thing that happened was her kid being removed from her care because society definitely does not need another one of her walking around. If you look on her pictures she’s always posting about having interviews and “boss moves” lol you will never be a boss honey you must keep a job first. Once anyone is around her for more than five minutes they can clearly see what a psychopath she is. It runs in the family though, she has an uncle named Ross Clemens that is a serial killer from Edson currently in jail. Her entire family are a bunch of inbred rednecks who should have spared society and stopped reproducing decades ago! This filthy nasty poor excuse of a mother needs to be exposed for exactly what she is, a vile piece of child abusing trash!

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  1. HewomanFebruary 26, 2019 at 7:51 PM

    What a filthy nasty pig!! She gave me drds last summer when she broke up with her ape bf found out it was a lie and he was at work for the weekend . A pair af douchbags match made in heaven hey you two gross filthy animals. You should probably move sooner then later

  2. RBKFebruary 12, 2019 at 4:30 PM

    If anyone is willing to come forward with information regarding this loser and her boyfriend we would love to have a chat with you. We have some information to forward onto the people involved in her court case. These two shouldn’t be anywhere near a stray dog let alone a kid so there are some people who are going to make sure all of this comes to light.

    Contact me at [email protected]
    Everything will be in strict confidentiality!

    • InfoFebruary 26, 2019 at 7:53 PM

      Check your email ! I have lots to tell you about this pair of druggies

  3. Dick detectiveDecember 11, 2018 at 12:47 PM

    This totally used to be a man you can tell. Not that there is anything wrong with that but look at the huge nose and forehead . That is a mans nose and you can tell by the small size of breasts that they are from hormone injections. That’s why lots of transgender people get implants because the hormone injections don’t create large enough breasts. She obviously struggled with her own identity as a man so the anger she displays is obviously deep rooted.

    • Jai DevJanuary 29, 2019 at 1:34 AM

      Just a small minded loud loud POS.
      Whatever the sitch is with her BF she has been 100% dependant on him since the start! She got him to move her outta the Trap house she was squatting in and began living off him like a parasite!! She likes to think she got a moral high ground above us all and yet with all this “help” her BF gives her by providing food, clothing, shelter, travel, steroids and any needs of her poor son, she remains vapid and void of any self worth, gratitude or compassion. She’s so unhappy because she hasn’t had to work for ANYTHING!! This sloot doesn’t understand the value of working hard for herself let alone her poor son. She will always be sick and unhappy because she feels entitled to it all yet nothing is good enough. Part of me gets a wee jealous when I see these “females” getting a free ride, but I stop to think; is it really free? Nah everything has a price and whatever she’s paying, is gonna cost her a lot more than anything I could imagine.

      • TaraFebruary 9, 2019 at 12:01 PM

        Thankfully her son has a father that has his life together and has a family, stability and more importantly raises her kid properly full time. This unhappy parasite does everything she can though to try and sabotage that for her son and his father. All she ever talks about and does is taking him to court to fight. The dad won custody years ago because obviously the courts saw there is something seriously wrong with this chick and not to mention how bad she continually uses her kid against anyone she’s upset with. Anyone who talks to her about the situation can tell her motives are not the well being of her son, it is nothing more than to exact revenge against the kids dad because he moved on with his life, had another family and has done way better at life. In fact I remember a few years back he was going through something and she was literally thrilled to see he was having a hard time. She has a personality disorder and severe narcissistic personality traits. Her kid is gonna grow up and realize all the stuff his sick mother put in his head about everyone was untruthful and she’s the only one that was screwed up severely all along. She uses him as a trophy to merely try and fill her void within herself of many doubts and insecurities. I’ve known her and her family for many years and as soon as her kid was born she milked the government for assistance and used her kid for sympathy like nobody had ever been a single parent previous to that! She has always put a new man before her kid and expects every time she meets someone and moves in with them after only days of knowing them that they are fit to co parent her son. This loser she’s with now is abusive but he funds everything so she takes it, anything so she doesn’t have to work. He only works weekends so she purposely tries to avoid working so she can watch his every move all week in hopes he doesn’t cheat cause she knows what a parasitic snake she is so it’s only a matter of time. I’ve known her and the family for a very long time and the best thing that could have happened is for her kid to be taken out of her care. The problem is you Sheena, your the common denominator in these situations! Get help!

  4. MikeDecember 9, 2018 at 9:40 PM

    The only person who she roasted is her kid by having the poor thing and putting every other guy before him! and with a face like that she shouldn’t be roasting anyone!

  5. Curious GeorgeDecember 6, 2018 at 8:25 AM

    By the sounds of it her man isn’t laying the pipe properly or she wouldn’t be such an angry volatile hating ass woman……or should I say ladyboy :)

  6. karineDecember 5, 2018 at 3:34 PM

    Anyone with a face like that has ZERO room to talk about anyone else! It’s always the nastiest looking people talking about the looks of others smh…..

  7. DillaunNovember 26, 2018 at 10:29 PM

    This bitch gave me DRDs!! Told me it was cured and she wasn’t contagious anymore! Filthy nasty pig

  8. ZoeNovember 25, 2018 at 8:45 PM

    If there is one thing that’s obvious it’s that a happy hoe is never a hating hoe and this is one unhappy hating a55 hoe! Lol I don’t know why she worries about that other woman’s kids and their daddy’s? Last time I checked those babies were being driven around in luxury whips like a Benz and Navigator , been on more exotic vacations this regular hatin a55 basic bitch could ever dream of and they probably have more money in education accounts than this bitch ever touched in her life. Always some bum a55 bitch salty over another woman who is successful. Last time I checked her ex and his woman straight with they kids and little family! This bitch oughta take a page out a real woman’s book and she might have custody of her kid too! Straight trifling a55 hoe right here

  9. CandiceNovember 22, 2018 at 3:57 PM

    I am someone who knows her ex and his current partner. His new woman doesn’t give this chick a second thought and that drives this one to the point of insanity. His new woman is way above this chick on so many levels and she actually has a career, college degrees , financial stability, personality and is beautiful both inside and out. Sheena is a spiteful and jealous person and couldn’t compare to that woman on her best day! She is also 10x the mother Sheena will ever be hence the reason Sheena’s kid lives with her and not his own mother! Maybe Sheena should take a page out of her book instead hating on her so bad, besides anyone that gets to know the situation quickly realizes Sheena’s lame motives for hating on her ex and his woman and it’s pure jealousy! I don’t know any sane person who would be acting so volatile after 9years towards an ex and if what I’ve heard was correct Sheena got pregnant with the kid within a week of knowing him so not like they even ever had a relationship to mourn over! So who’s the real Whore Sheena? Maybe point the finger towards yourself instead!

  10. LanceNovember 19, 2018 at 9:08 AM

    This is my sister and she has a lot of mental issues she won’t get help for. My family has tried but she thinks she’s normal. She had a kid thinking she would be financially supported for life because of his job when she got pregnant. She had an abortion a couple months before getting pregnant with her son but the dad didn’t have money so she didn’t keep it. She just wanted money for the kid and didn’t care if he knew his dad. She didn’t expect he would want to be around and it all blew up in her face and now she has nothing. Every single one of her relationships include domestic abuse. This guy is no different but she puts up with it because he has money from selling drugs. She has nothing of her own to her name but is the most materialistic unhappy person going!

    • DillaunNovember 27, 2018 at 12:57 PM

      Don’t you guys give the men numbers or something? I remember being told I was number 50 something by her own parents cause they couldn’t keep up with names. Way to tell the world your daughter is a dirty sloot

  11. SamNovember 18, 2018 at 1:37 PM

    This is one filthy nasty gross woman. I was friends with one of the many dudes she’s screwed and her place was always filthy. She always tried to blame it on having a kid but little kids ain’t the ones to vacuum and take out the garbage! She had cats and her house and clothes reeked like dirty cat litter all the time then she would load on the cheap perfume to cover the smell. Blaaaahhhh

  12. Hugh MungusNovember 15, 2018 at 3:39 AM

    Hey “Natalia!” Look at you grumbling and writing a book here yet again, must have wasted at least half an hour typing those diarrhea here lmao. You could have gotten laid if you used your free time more efficiently, use your brains next time. ;)

    • Curious GeorgeDecember 6, 2018 at 8:23 AM

      Who did she roast and how? Curious minds would like to know!

    • ChrisNovember 18, 2018 at 9:29 PM

      Your obviously not getting laid either scrolling the dirty at 3:39 am!!! Pathetic

      • hugh MungusNovember 30, 2018 at 9:24 PM

        >Have you met anyone that wakes up early morning for a job or do you snooze till noon? At least I’m not butt hurt enough to writes multiple sob stories about someone who roasted you lol Get laid, forget about her already