Simone thibodeau The Slug!

Simone thibodeau The Slug!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This isn’t gossip this is exactly 100 percent true. If u know Simone Thibodeau from Beaumont and Millwood Edmonton area spit in this pigs face and u would be doing her a favor… So here’s what happen. She was dating a good buddy of mine for 6 almost 7 years. The first couple years were great they were very happy always laughing and really in love. Then my buddy caught her doing Meth in there bathroom 1 day and lost his sh1t on her. She cried and swore up and down she would quit and he trusted her cause he was happy 4 a loooong g time and just thought ya she’s ok she’s gonna stop. Then he cates her 2 more times the 3Rd he kicked in the bathroom door to find her bent over just about to do the line she had busted up ready 2 go. He snapped and they split 4 a bit. He moved in with a buddy and they stayed in contact so after a month or so they are back together he’s living in a place in Millwood and she and him seem 2 be doing good not great more bickering stupid arguments causation of cheating and then 1 day he goes to her place and they chill but then get bickering and he heads home. Next day he goes to apologize and as he’s walking up to her place he gets a call from her sayin “oh were not together anymore I’m with Ed” he say WTF? Who the fuk is Ed. Well turns out he was some goof in jail she was in contact with writing him all these love letters about how she loves him and there gonna start a family and blah blah blah. My buddy losses his sh1t tells her she’s a goof and never contact him again. 2 week later she contacts him and he tells her to fuk off and hangs up. She begs and begs to talk 2 him. He eventually gives in and she drives over late at night crying begging him to take her back. She made a stupid mistake and she don’t want this Ed goof. She begs and begs he don’t give in gets out the car and walks home. My idiot buddy 2 days later decides he wants to try and make it work. So over the phone they talk not seeing each other at all for 2 weeks. 1 Friday he can’t get a hold of her and gets a weird feeling so he goes over to her place early Saturday morning and low and behold this Ed goof is there in bed with her…. he snaps out again tells her she a goof and leave him alone. She txt him saying she and ed where just talking and he passed out on the bed with clothes on ontop the covers. Of coarse my buddy calls bullsh1t and by this point everything she said 2 him he really didn’t trust. So long story short. They break up. He dates a couple other chick’s off and on and eventually they reconnect and go on in a sh1t type relationship for a couple years off on argue fight back and forth well now they are on a break and he says to her ” Simone tell me now if this so called break is a break not ur sing someone else. We can end civil and not hate just tell me so I can start to move on. She Says no no I don’t want anyone I Wana focus on work and get her stuff in better order so he say ok. So for 2 weeks they talk and are friendly and he asks her again if she want an actual break up or what is the deal with them if she did no hard feelings and he would be OK with that and understand and hope 2 still be friends she says she just wants a bit of a break so he says ok so I’m not wasting my time and there eventually gonna be together. She says yes. So that day tells him to come help her with her dad at the cancer clinic he does and she says me and my dad are going to valley view all weekend buddy says ok and that was that. On Saturday morning my buddy is heading to his place pass simone and notices her lights are on in the house. He calls her she answer and says oh I’m sleeping and I’m going today. He say ok thinks nothing of it…. later that day visiting a friend of ours he leaving and simone pulls in the drive way well its her in the passenger seat and this scrawny lil worm named Jay another gutter slug we just introduced simone cause she wanted to buy some weed and my buddy just happen to mention he new this goof and could get her weed a couple of months ago is driving. My buddy walks up and looks in say to this Jay goof. Wtf is up. And he and simone back up and drive away as my buddy is about to punch threw the window and strangle this Lil worm…. Simone Thibodeau. Wow I never met such a punched in swamp donkey with zero class and an absolute hood rat pig. After 7 years this slug don’t have the balls or respect or class to even tell him when he asked her over and over… kill yourself slug. Do the world a favor. Trust u gonna get what u deserve. Fukin watch.out for this punched in slug. U can’t miss the slug trail she leaves behind her… disgusting human piece of sh1t…..

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  1. AJDecember 15, 2018 at 8:28 PM

    I remember this penguin walking stupid bi**ch!. She fkd around with my brother and got him hooked on shooting up pint. Then she broke my mom and dad up saying when my dad was drunk he hit on her. She’s a looooser ill always remember her cause she ruined a couple of lives. Not mine thankfully but my brothers life especially. Simone you should of just stayed in Ontario you’re never welcomed in my family thats for sure. By the looks of it, you’re not welcomed in Alberta period!