Tyeesha Jackson — Dirty Lieing Sloot / Baby Killer

Tyeesha Jackson — Dirty Lieing Sloot / Baby Killer

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is tyeesha jackson she will go around lie cheat and steal ur money she does bank frauds to ppl cuz shes a poor b1tch she will use u and manipulate u and go behide ur back and talk to her baby daddy and talks to other guys she has a pu55y that smells like the Ocean and its gross her a55hole is hairy and toes she goes around acting like she’s all innocent and meanwhile she will dumb her daughter off to anybody she can well she gets her hole dumped in she will do anything for sex to support her child cuz she has dead beat baby daddy watch out boys she will ruin ur life


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  1. AbiSeptember 20, 2018 at 1:21 PM

    Yeah I know exactly who wrote this…
    A guy who hit her 4 year old in the face and who can’t handle a mother and her daughter staying in contact with the father for the kid’s sake. Ive known Tyeesha for 12 years and she is not anything of what you say.

    Carry on with your pathetic degenerate life.

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