Tyler Sheridan — Ultimate Man Whore Baby

Tyler Sheridan — Ultimate Man Whore Baby

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik, so this p.o.s is the worst kind of whore. hell have a new girlfriend the same day he breaks up with another one. Hell continue to string them along. he makes his new girlfriends feel like his world then if new pu55y comes along hell dump them in a heart beat. hes a dealer who landed himself in jail recently cause he let pu55y get in the way of his business. what a loser. hes probably spreading DRDs like its no ones business. watch out for him cause hell use you till theres nothing left to give. hell break you down to where you almost hate yourself. expects his girlfriends to be his sugar mamas. and if he knows you got money or will be getting a large amount of money hell treat you like his queen till theres no money left then toss you to the curb


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  1. Shine some lightOctober 24, 2018 at 10:47 PM

    Not only is the person obviously just butt hurt he turned you down or didn’t even give you the time of day but your so misinformed. I have yet to meet an ex of Tyler’s that has one bad thing to say. Anyone that doesn’t like him is out of jealous juvinile bull. Not only is he an amazing friend he is a phenomenal lover hands down the best most thoughtful caring loving father figure to my kids he treats them like his own and goes above an beyond constantly. This post is pathetic and so is the hurting person that posted it.

  2. TylerOctober 10, 2018 at 12:01 PM

    I’d like to thank all the girls that have made this possible, all your lies and bs finally added up to someone presenting me the great honour of excepting this prestigious award of being on the Dirty. Ive been waiting years and the day has finally came. I’m so thankful to whoever posted this , but im afraid to say that the last part is completely false, if the mutt that wrote this actually knew me she would know I spend thousands of dollars on my girlfriends, take them to fancy dinners, buy them whatever they ask for and much more. Ive never had a “suger mumma” ever and I’m rarely givin anything in return. That is all!!!! I’m off to celebrate the fact I’m on the Dirty. Keep up the good work Nik.

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