Veronica Shaw — Desperate Edmonton Mattress

Veronica Shaw — Desperate Edmonton Mattress

THE DIRTY ARMY: This “woman” will pretend to be your friend then ask to stay at your house cause shes a broke fat, lazy pig and pretends she has health issues to collect welfare and bum off anyone and everyone. First night she slept with my husband while i was at work then next night my 16yr old son. I found out almost three months later when my husband had a huge sore on his [email protected]$. That dirty pig gave him DRD! She got them from a ex boyfriend tha tleft her for another woman.. she has 4 kids which she surrendered for that same man and he left her.. she needs to get a life a real job and leave men alone. Take care of your kids and stop being so thirsty for anyone that looks at you. You wear way too much makeup and that fake blonde hair looks like s#!÷. She is old enough to be my sons mom please stop molesting kids

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  1. ChoboterSeptember 13, 2018 at 6:34 PM

    Far from true I know her personally I know she has a job she is single and plans to stay that way she has her own place and I can tell you right now she has standards and she would not do that that is just plain old freaking nasty

    • TomfeltersnatchSeptember 23, 2018 at 5:14 AM

      This fat [email protected]#s [email protected]$$+ stanks! Must be from the 4 kids that fell out of it while 10 different [email protected]$ were poking it. You dont know the real psychotic bi-polar mess of wh÷= this pig really is. One complete package of messed up [email protected]+. She has the herps too?? Thats what the “rashy bumps” were. Hahaha dumb [email protected]# this is what you get for coming back. Stay down like the pathetic mutt you are or sh!+ gets real from here..

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