Zoey Augier — Coke Head Sloot Who Loves To D1ckhop

Zoey Augier — Coke Head Sloot Who Loves To D1ckhop

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pepsi head sloot is a slore she loves to meet guys off of dating websites and is infested with DRD’s and steals money drugs and valuables from guys she meets off of the dating sites i heard she lives off of her mental disability paychecks and spends it all on pepsi. She loves fuking other guys girlfriends and thinks its funny when they pass on diseases to their partner, she enjoys fuking for pepsi and mcdonalds well she would pretty well fuk anything that accomodates her in someway even if its for a place to sleep. she’s a lying shady manipulative b1tch stay clear unless you want your dirty d1ck clustered with a million little DRD’s.


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  1. JenkoJanuary 24, 2019 at 12:30 AM

    So true, I can confirm this post, I’ve met her and shes a total Pepsi sloot. I’ve been at a party where she left her bf’s because he ran out of drugs so she ditched him and got gangbanged by a few guys at the party for some free drugs… shes greasy

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