Danica Joy Jones of Fort St. John

Danica Joy Jones of Fort St. John

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Danica Jones is one floozy mother. She does not pay attention to her child at all and has big issues. She has a drd of the sort for all I was told. Did you know the father of the child is not the father? Yet he’s been a good Dad and all she can do is complain and beg for money when she has 3 jobs!!. She’s a homewrecker as well. I am applaud she lives in this town. She gives mothers a bad name. I am warning others- do not date her or be friends for her. Her and her family will charge you for anything, especially her mother. She lives with her mother and depends on them. She’s one ugly horse face twit. Do not trust her!! She wonders why her kid has problems. It’s because she smoked marijuana while pregnant. The child now has all these disorders and can’t even read and she’s ten!! She needs to get her act together or give up the child for the child’s safety. She smacks the child around too. No more bullsh*t Danica….time to grow up and quit acting like you have no kid. Good job screwing up your child!!


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  1. RandomJanuary 18, 2018 at 9:43 AM

    Lol weed eh dont think that”ll do anything and seems like your the pissed off slut shes a nice girl