Aaron Hogdson of Grand Prairie

Aaron Hogdson of Grand Prairie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Aaron Hogdson says he’s a good father and supports his daughter, but actually his ex is the one that provides everything for their kid. He does not even make an effort to go see his daughter. He’s not even in her life. His ex pays for everything- clothes, shoes, winter gear, food, and gifts for holidays/birthdays. And pays for all the fun extra activities. His ex is the father and the mother. Aaron lies so much he once told me and a buddy that when he was working at Tony Romas he stuck a knife to his boss’s neck over his bike tire being flat.. Like seriously.. He says that all his ex’s cheated and beat him which is such a lie. His ex broke up with him cause he got very angry because she caught him in a lie and he was embarrassed. He started yelling, screaming, and throwing things to the point he scared his daughter so bad that his ex took their daughter to the neighbors until he left. He wears the same clothes everyday. He stinks so bad and all he does is sit on his ass, eats take out food everyday, and play video games. He makes bs excuses why he can’t get a better job or his license. His ex’s family helped him out so much and he just trashes them after they accepted him into the family treated him like family. He hasn’t seen his daughter in months and I dont even think he pays child support. Just a warning- dont fall for his BS.


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  1. SoftstingerMay 14, 2018 at 4:36 PM

    I used to work with him! everything saod is not a lie! I used to refuse rides home to him because i was scared!