Chris Glover From Grand Prairie

Chris Glover From Grand Prairie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Chris Glover was my roomie for almost 2 months. Scammed me out of money and tools and didn’t pay rent and ate my food!!He is a mechanic. He took my vehicle into work said a bunch of stuff was wrong with it and said he needed so much money to fix so I have it to him and when I asked for receipts, he had none. Gave me fake invoice saying what he did, but no prices for what I paid for!! Also is an electronic tech as he says and got me convinced to do rewriting and stuff for my new tv on the wall. He said I need this much and once again he couldn’t give me invoices of how much everything was. He took the money and spent it on drugs!!! He is supposedly in Grand Prairie so please beware and don’t rent or get involved with this guy very smooth and watch out for a big nose and always blowing and sniffing!!!! And is at least 80 pounds over eight with grey hair and a weird eye says it’s a cataract!! He is from Ottawa. Drives a 2003 four door Grand Prix with Alberta liscence plate Note the pic that I’m posting is off POF and is a few years old!! He is grey and overweight

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  1. gloverMay 4, 2018 at 2:41 PM

    Your a complete liar
    Because I wouldn’t sleep with you
    And left after you spent 5800 on a tv you couldn’t afford
    And you needed me to pay rent
    You have mold in your basement
    And you open my door and watch me sleep

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