Hide Out Lil Wankster – Joseph Campbell

Hide Out Lil Wankster – Joseph Campbell

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hi I just want to tell u about Joseph Campbell. The guys a real f*cking creep. He has like 30 POF accounts posing as a woman or a younger girl claiming to be a lesbian and tricking them to come over where he then gives them g till they ghole then proceeds to take pictures of there lady parts then plasters it all over the internet. He’s come close to being charged with rape so many times it’s f*cked. Joseph also likes to play it like he is some solid g with tons of guns and like he’s so fierce mean while he got shot in the back by his own gun by his “best friend“. He’s a total loser. I feel sorry for whatever girl he scores for a bit. Make sure ur safe and covered bcuz he will make a video



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  1. JosephSonOfkingDavidOfIsrealNovember 28, 2018 at 8:12 AM

    LMFAO pretty funny how my baby momma posts me on here twice man your life is so sad I’m the elect of God the soverienty of Jesus Christ I follow the lamb of the first fruits and the warrior bride of Jesus and I can pray for you this is so sad and I’ve changed my life and picked up my spot in the 144000 children of isreal aka Jacob and the 12000 tribes and you know anyone that attacks any of gods people will be judged this is gangstalking the same things Jesus went threw when Satan slandered him in the garden of Eden calling him a liar and a tyrant and lying to Eve to eat the forbidden fruit..anyone who let this post be up like Nik owner of the dirty my baby momma and anyone else who has anything to say to me and bash me on here iam rightous in the eyes of God and iam the elect of my father as the rightous and holies and your all going to have to answer for this God bless you xoxo..

  2. AnonOctober 5, 2018 at 5:49 PM

    This guy sent me a friend request on FB. His page is public and full of videos of girls he’s filmed. It’s disturbing.

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