Raven Waskewitch — Nasty trashy Raven

Raven Waskewitch — Nasty trashy Raven

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this whale right here is Raven Waskewitch, amzingly no one posted this fake phoney cow on here. Well to begin she acts like mother of the year thinking she is the perfect mother and better then anyone else, sweetie first of all you should sober up and clean your filthy house while tending to you bazillion kids. So nasty how this hoe has different baby daddies and still finding the next daddy on social medias LoL. This fat slore is so desperate for attention she adds random men from all over the world expecting likes on all her trashy selfies. Hun seriously dress for the body you have not for the body you want aha fat cows like u do not belong in itty bitty tight see through clothes LoL. Real inappropriate for her little kids to have to see that haha. Make up also does not hide your hideaous gross face hun, u buy all that make up online and literally starve your kids just to try make yourself look better. You look like a clown that escaped the circus LoL. All this sleeze bag can get is desperate ugly nechis off facebook aha. She also leaves her kids every weekend with her family to go out and party with all her whorse lake sloots and get drunk and spread her big fishy vag to anything that looks her way. Stupid cvnt talks alot of sh1t on facebook but cannot back up her fat fuken a55 in person, typical rez keyboard warrior.p.s all she does is wine and cry over fb over one of her many baby daddies kirk grey lmfao gets offended when some one sets her straight and tells the truth haha truth hurts don’t it hoe? NIK put this overweight cow cvnt on blast!!!!


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  1. Pu$$iesJanuary 6, 2019 at 6:08 PM

    Pretty funny if you to completely roast a chick and call her a keyboard warrior and say everything in the book when your (most likely) just a ugly pipeline working pink little fairy who loves to hide behind a website where nobody knows nothing about you. Every single person on this website is better than you. They don’t need to hide like little bitches to speak their mind

  2. Nun yaNovember 21, 2018 at 9:16 PM

    Lol errr this sloot is straight up nasty… puke

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