Andrew Joseph Evan’s The Needle banging lepporicon

Andrew Joseph Evan’s The Needle banging lepporicon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik – Have you ever met this piece sh1t ? This Drug lord is one of the greaseist mother fuker you’ll ever meet. This man will set you up, rob you blind, and steal every fuking thing you got and wont think twice about doing it but cant even buy his son a box of diapers nor a container of milk, When This punk a55 went to jail he went to jail and tattooed his face with these 3 stupid dots meaning my crazy life , the only thing crazy thing about his life is how the fuk hes alive after the amount of drugs he put in his veins and put up his nose..He Claims hes bettering his life becaused he moved across the country but really only moved across the country because he robbed someone when he was fuked up and punched a WOMAN in the face in the process of robbing someone…. but he thinks hes the man ? Come back to Halifax and face your problems and stop being such a bitch you pu55y a55 mother fuker, be a man and actually raise your kid you little goof .

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  1. Really!?November 26, 2018 at 2:11 AM

    Druglord, this funny looking scrawny a55 ginger? Hahaha what a joke who is this clown robbing? You must be very weak if you let a little bitch like this rob you! I’d laugh at him then knock him out lol