Cameron Dopler — Use Caution With This Individual

Cameron Dopler — Use Caution With This Individual

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man, Cameron Dopler, is currently serving in the Navy and has been arrested by the military police on numerous occasions while on other bases for sexual assault. – They just seem to keep moving him around in the hopes that he’ll change. He has no business serving in the military. Furthermore, he fancies himself to be a “security consultant”. He has all the necessary qualifications but all of these “Qualifications” are paid for and I’d only take about 1/8th of the things he teaches as actual training. He essentially pays the companies for a printed certificate. And as a former participant of some of his “training”, I HIGHLY suspect that he watches Youtube videos in his car before the classes so that he can “teach”. He has been used in CBC and Global news in several articles as a “expert source” but I think he’s emailing/calling the news himself and making it seem like he is more than he actually is. Anyone can call CBC and say “I have an opinion on that AND I’m an expert.” My fear is that he’ll use his status as a “Security Consultant” to lure more women. Be careful. An ex-gf of his told me that he leaves several weapons hidden around the house and not stored legally.

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  1. BobozebraOctober 19, 2018 at 11:22 AM

    hello jerry still butthurt at you brudder you pedo?

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