Michael Ford of Dartmouth

Michael Ford of Dartmouth

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Michael Ford uses his friends and doesn’t want to take care of his son. When his ex-wife was pregnant with their son, he dragged her down the hallway by her hair when they were in a fight one day. Every time she would try to break up with him, he would clean out their bank account so that she couldn’t do anything unless she let him back in the house. When they finally did break up, his new choice of girlfriend was an alcoholic. Their relationship ended when she put him in jail for beating her face black and blue which he ended up pleading guilty to, and every time he gets a new girlfriend, he forgets about his son that loves him so very much. The next girlfriend after the alcoholic was a Pepsi addict and the next place that he lived after that was infested with bed bugs and his new girlfriend that he has now jumps from man to man after they asked her to marry them, so now the new girlfriend has put a stop to him seeing his son and that is perfectly fine with him. He doesn’t care. He wants nothing to do with his son this guy thinks he’s a gangster. He spent most of his life in jail for abuse, armed robbery, threatening people during death threats, and now adding abusing women to the list. This guy is a deadbeat dad that has a lot of anger issues.


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  1. The New GirlfriendJanuary 22, 2018 at 1:47 PM

    I’m commenting because I’m the new girl girlfriend. We all know Saline Robicheau-ford, Michael Ford’s ex-wife made this post and we all know how ex’s can be. I’m the so called New Girlfriend that she’s called a cheating and forcing Mike not to have anything to do with her son. Lets get the story straight, I’m not a cheat I was dating at the time I meet Mike and we were just friends. I broke up with the guy I was dating because he had nothing to do with me after his motorcycle accident. So that made me single. Free to do what I want. I, not like Mike’s ex wife who cheated on him with 6 different men when they were married and got herself knocked up told Mike the kid was his for a good year and a half. Come to find out it wasn’t. But Mike stayed in his life until he meet me. I meet him several time and because we want nothing to do with her she won’t let Mike see him anymore. Sorry I don’t have anything to do with so called mother’s that beat their so called disabled child, smoke dope and tattoo peoples child in particularly mind. So the Tattoo Lady (Salina) can kiss my ASS….