Nathan Kroll – a.k.a Nate – Pro-Abortion Cheater and PIG!!!

Nathan Kroll – a.k.a Nate – Pro-Abortion Cheater and PIG!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met Nathan “Nate” Kroll in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I thought he was an amazing guy at first but turned out to be the biggest douche bag that I every met. He lied to be to get me to sleep with him. We went up to his office on Brunswick street and he bragged about his Scotch but I ended up drinking wine instead. He brags about pulling in millions, but doesn’t have much left over. “Current Studios”.

Turned out that he only mentioned that he had a wife when I told him I was pregnant. We were careful, so it really sucked at the time. He said that I had to have an abortion because he is some big shot with a global company. a multiple Cannes winner- when in actuality he is a short prick with a small Greg!

I had nobody to help me through it and I cried for a really long time. I lost interest with guys and think I am going to become a lesbian. He offered to pay me off, but I didn’t want his money. It would have been nice if he would have came to the hospital with me, but he refused. I am not one of his escorts he gets on his business trips when his wife is at home looking after their 3 kids. His wife’s brother works for him and he cannot stand him. Rolls his eyes even when he hears his voice. Apparently, he came on to my friend too, because one of his kids is on the same soccer team!!! When I found that out then I figured I would post this so he could not to it to any more woman.

Busted.- nik

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  1. Soccer dadDecember 30, 2017 at 5:54 AM

    Is this for real ? Thought Nate was full of himself but the cheating etc surprises me.
    His kid plays in my daughters team too