Stay Clear of Laura Cordoba

Stay Clear of Laura Cordoba

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Laura Cordoba. She is originally from Mexico, but is now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She managed to con an old Canadian man who was 35+ years her senior into marrying her and bringing her to Canada. After a few months she latched onto someone she met in the Latin community. A Local Pimp, Drug Dealer, “Carlos.” She moved into his apartment where he pimped Laura and other girls, claiming “Carlos” was her Brother to hide the truth from people who became suspicious. Laura got herself a job at a call center, and had a relationship with a Mexican Pepsi dealer who was studying in Canada. While he was away she constantly cheated on him and was always out partying and drunk.

She ended up getting DRD from one of her many sexual encounters. Her boyfriend found out and cut off all communication with her. While she was attempting to “fix things” with him from a distance, she latched herself onto a Saudi international student “Sari Abdullah AlAbdullah.” He paid for her many drunken nights out and entertained her until finally she agreed to be his girlfriend. Issue here is she didn’t like him and only dated him for convenience of money and support. She could only have sex with him whilst drunk, however she was on medication and treatment for DRD which caused her liver and kidneys damage and therefore she SHOULDNT DRINK!

Sari didn’t care because he wanted sex and she didn’t care because she has alcohol and drug addiction issues. Laura even had sex with her sisters own boyfriend, Kemo, while her sister was out of the house one day. Laura sleeps with neighbors and friends, even friends boyfriends and husbands. she has contracted a number of DRDs and continues her cheating and partying although it is not good for her own health. He boyfriend Sari constantly cheats on her his favourite conquests are Laura’s own friends. He Lies and cheats and steals can’t be trusted. All this time Laura is still Legally married to the poor man she scammed in order to get into Canada. I am glad Laura has such a sh!tty Boyfriend they defiantly deserve each other. I am not sure what she will do when her boyfriend dumps her to go back to Saudi to get married. But I am sure there is a lovely corner on Hollis street for her to work. LMFAO.

I would rent this movie from Red Box. The plot is interesting to me.- nik

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  1. Tim Riddiford of lower SackvilleApril 28, 2018 at 4:56 PM

    She was alright 4/10 might smash again raw

  2. Georgia97December 6, 2017 at 11:02 AM

    Which one is the woman, again?

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